Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sadly this must close.

I'm sorry to say that I just can't do it anymore. I love writing stories, having my sims interact with others, and just being a part of this community. I try to take on far too much and I (as well as my poor computer) just can't handle it. :( College is far more tiring than I thought, and I also have a job on top of trying to write my novel. After I spend six hours in class and another six scanning groceries, the last thing on my mind is playing video games.

I may come back in a few months with some new sims, new stories. It has been a very fun ride.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finding Love Again

He was almost ready.

Ryen Crow only needed to pack his suits, and he would be finished. He could carry his trunk down the stairs and say, "I'm out of here!" He opened his dresser and started picking through the clothes when he heard his wife screaming downstairs. "RYENNNN!"

"What, what is it?" Ryen asked, sprinting into the game room.

"D-don't panic," Eve said, breathing heavily.

"Tell me!"

"I think it's time."

"I think so too. I've been meaning to talk to you about this." Ryen started mentally going through the argument in his head. He had worked out everything he wanted to say.

"The baby is coming."



Ryen had never loved someone as much as he loved this little person. To him, Rae Elizabeth Crow was six pounds, five ounces of pure love. He smiled when she smiled, and when she cried, he wanted to join her.

"I'm a father," he kept saying in disbelief. After Eve talked him into setting Rae down for a nap, Ryen finally went to the kitchen to start dinner.

He saw his wife, whom hours earlier he was about to leave, standing in front of the open fridge, pondering what to cook. He suddenly felt so much love for her his heart hurt.

"Eve," he said, softly.

She turned around, making a brave face. Anytime they spoke anymore, they ended in an argument. She was ready for it. He broke the distance between them and pulled her to him.

"Yes, Ryen?"

It had been so long since he'd said it to her that it felt foreign coming out of his mouth. "I love you."

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What the heck was that?!

Sunday Flax had always been considered a city girl. Born in Pepper Ridge, the biggest city in any direction for miles, then on to simSeattle with her parents, then back to Pepper Ridge after college, Sunday had very little nature experience. Her parents had raised her to be the kind of girl with a cramped city apartment with a tiny yard, and she was making them proud.

But for the last few weeks, Sunday had been talking to a new friend of hers, Asher Meridian, about renting a cottage in Lemon Creek, very nature-y. She learned that anything worth living in was going to be out of her price range, at least until the payment for the Aerial Bionic pictures came in, if it even would.

So when her phone rang early in the morning and the caller ID said "Asher" her heart soared. Did he find a cheaper cottage? Has something opened up? She flipped through images in her mind of a large garden, with dozens of plants and room to move around, unlike her tiny 3x3 setup.

"Hello?" she asked, her voice far too cheerful for seven in the morning.

"Uh," Asher said. He wasn't prepared for her excitement. He told her he had a favor he needed to ask, and could he come over right away.

Sunday told him he could, then quickly ran to the shower to wipe away the last night's makeup. After the AB concert, she had gone home and gone right to sleep, too tired for a bath.

He came to the door and she invited him inside. "What's this mysterious favor?" she asked.

"I just. Well. I'll just come out with it. I know we haven't known each other very long, but you're the only sim I can trust. I might have a huge music opportunity coming up, like huge, and I need someone to watch Elena while I'm gone."

"Oookay," Sunday said cautiously.

"I know it's too much to ask, but this could make my career, man. Something like this could totally change my life."

Everything in Sunday's head was screaming NO! Don't sign yourself up for babysitting duty!, but Sunday felt herself nodding, and heard the words "Sure, I can do it," slip out of her mouth.

"Oh my god, THANK YOU!" he breathed, and he kissed her.

She went with it for a minute, then jumped back in surprise. She fought to keep her voice even as she said "What the heck was that?"

"Uh, I don't know," he said sheepishly.

Sunday was saved from having to reply by a voice calling from the foyer. "Asher!? Are you in there?"

Asher ran into the living room with Sunday hot on his heels. "Hey, Elena. I've got some good news."

"Why don't I make us some lunch," Sunday said nervously, fighting to hide the blush creeping up her cheeks.


"What do you mean, going away?" Elena asked, voice rising. "You're LEAVING?"

"It's just for a bit. And I'll come home every chance I get. And you can call me every day."

"You're leaving me?" Elena pushed away from the table.

"I'm not leaving you, I'll be back. Don't you understand how big of a deal this is? This could change our lives!"

"You're leaving me like mom and dad left us!" Elena wailed.

"Dammit, Elena, it's not like that!"

Elena turned on her heel and ran for the nearest door, the guest room, and locked herself in there. She cried, heavy, shoulder shaking sobs.

First mom, then dad, and now my brother, she thought while she cried. I'm going to be alone for good.

Sunday started doing the dishes while they waited for Elena to calm down. Nothing like a menial task to keep you from thinking about a kiss you didn't quite understand.

"I'm so sorry, Sunday," Asher said. "She's not normally like this."

"It's okay. You're the only one she's got. I'd be worried if she didn't care."

Elena cried for nearly a half an hour before collecting herself and walking out.

"I'm um, sniff, sorry. I didn't mean to slam your door, Sunday."

"Oh, Elena, don't worry about it," Sunday laughed. She pulled her into a hug. With her arm around the younger girl's shoulder, she headed for the guest room.

"If you're okay with it, we can make this your room while your brother is on his trip. I can move my sewing and art stuff, and we can bring your bedroom furniture in here. As long as it fits," she added.

After apologizing again, Elena left for work. She got a part-time job to earn some extra money. Asher and Sunday settled on the sofa, talking about the details.

Elena would stay in the house with Sunday, she had a curfew of ten o'clock, and he warned her about Elena's frequent mood swings.

Neither of them were prepared for what had happened upstairs. For Asher, he was just too shy to talk about such things, and Sunday was too much of a lady to ask. They talked about everything and nothing, but were totally unable to ignore the elephant in the room.

So they stopped trying, and did something completely uncharacteristic for the both of them.

Ohh, ACR. Teehee, I'm not gonna lie, I love this couple. But they actually weren't meant for eachother, (I'm not that good at covering up my predestined matches!) so I couldn't decide if i liked it, but now I think I do. I had them do this because seriously EVERY TIME THEY WERE TOGETHER, even in public, they would start to get naked on park benches and I would have to boolprop select them and make them stop. I can't have sluttyslut sims woohooing when they don't even KNOW eachother! So this makes an honest woman out of Sunday and keeps Asher from being the skeez of the neighborhood.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth Of July with Aerial Bionic

Lemon Creek was lucky enough to snag Aerial Bionic for the local July 4th celebration. Sims waited outside to get tickets for the event the day before, everyone was jittery with excitement. Not many bands travel through such a small town!

"You have to let me in," Elena Meridian pleaded with a bouncer at the venue, hours before the doors opened. "I'll just be a minute. Please. PLEASE! I'll be your best friend forever if you just LET ME IN!"

The celebrations were tinged with sadness with the loss of Lupe Rivera, but locals still found it in them to let loose and have a great time. If anything, the music cheered them up. The concert went off without a hitch, and the band played a mix of older songs and ones off their new album.

At the end of the set, fireworks erupted around the band, a precursor to the big fireworks show held next door. Professional pyrotechnics expert Alex Rebenga oversaw the big show, ensuring an Independence Day celebration no one would soon forget.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Rivera - The Hardest Thing

The next morning,waking up was the most difficult thing Marc Rivera ever had to do.

He lay in bed, eyes closed, willing himself to go back to sleep. He wasn't ready to start the day. Just a few more hours, please. He heard laughter coming from the next room. He thought it strange that there could possibly be laughter in the house this morning. Then he realized that it was canned laughter, the soundtrack of a cartoon.

That made sense. Charlie, the oldest child at the orphanage, would be watching cartoons, just like he did every morning before-

Before It. Marc couldn't bear to think the words "she died". To say it out loud meant that it was real, and he just wasn't quite ready for that.

Through the cartoon laughter and slapstick sounds, a childish wail pierced the air. It was time to feed little William. Marc pulled himself out of bed and brought Will to the kitchen, placing him in the highchair.

Charlie came into the room, still in his pajamas. "Marc?" he asked, voice very soft.

"What, Charlie?" Marc said. He knew that he should be more gentle with the little boy, but he couldn't think past the gaping hole in his chest.

"Today is Lupe's funeral, right? You should go get dressed." Marc didn't want to hear that. He didn't want to think that little Charlie was stepping up, taking care of him. "I'll make sure Will doesn't choke."


"I have never in my life met someone so loving or generous as Lupe Rivera. She opened her home to any children that needed her, and her heart to the world." Claire Abbott paused to wipe tears from her eyes as she gave the speech. "Our lives and our town won't be the same without her."

Marc expected to cry during this service, but he didn't. He felt a physical ache in his chest, but everywhere else felt numb, like static. He put a hand on her tombstone and said, "Te quiero, Lupe."

"If you need anything, just let us know," everyone had said. He'd lost count of how often he had heard that in the last few days.

He wanted to tell everyone, "What I need is a stiff drink."

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Aerial Bionic!

As a part of their summer tour promoting their Ursha album, Aerial Bionic has stopped at Lemon Creek for a few days! Photos by Sunday Flax. For more photos of Ariel Bionic during their stay in LC, go HERE.

Before the show, Sunday and Trevor Yates were worried that the weather wouldn't come through for them, but the sun came out, perfect for pictures and concertgoers.

Trevor Yates and Gareth Thayer signed autographs for excited fans, sending bubbly Elena Meridian into fangirlish hysterics.

Abbey Grimm cheered for the band, showing up with a shocking new red hair color.

"This was exactly the kind of excitement we needed in the dead of summer. I'd love to see Aerial Bionic in concert again."

Aerial Bionic Visits!

The famed Aerial Bionic of Apple Valley have come to Lemon Creek this week. Soon will be posted many concert and event photos. We can't thank the members of AB and the neighborhood of Apple Valley enough. Stay tuned!